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Lead Generation Mastery

How to Generate 120+ Leads and 5-10 Appts per Month on Autopilot


Our courses teach agents how to set up powerful automated online lead generation and lead nurture systems. Every course includes weekly coaching and private mastermind group access.

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A Course for Realtors,
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We deliver on predictable, scalable results, period. Our course is based on real use cases from our team and our students teams to deliver you the higher performing systems to date.

Are you ready to take control of your lead generation once and for all? No more marketing companies spending your money for you. No more hidden systems that you have no insight into. Full control. Predictable, scaleable results. Full automation. Over the shoulder answers. What else do you need?

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Course Breakdown

Module 1: Mindset Calibration

Believe it or not, without this mentality, we could give you all of the tools yet you would still struggle. Mindset is 80% of success - tactics are 20%

Highlights Include:
✓ Lead Generation Goals
✓ Realtor or Entrepreneur?
✓ Think like a Venture Capitalist

Module 2: Online Marketing

How online marketing works and the A-Z behind all of the tools, platforms and theory you need to succeed. Let's build a foundation before we get into advanced methods

Highlights Include:
✓ Platforms and Tools
✓ Search Engine Optimization
✓ Position Your Website as The "Go-To" Search

Module 3: Setting Up Your Net

All the tools we personally use and why. Which platforms are the best for real estate lead generation and how lead capture is the key your success.

Highlights Include:
✓ Lead Capture
✓ Lead Management
✓ Landing Page Design
✓ Facebook Pixel

Module 4: Google & Bings Ads

This is where we will hold your hand and show you EXACTLY how we set up our highest performing google ads and how to seamlessly transition them over to Bing. This is where you'll start generating leads in the first few days

Highlights Include:
✓ Ad Creation Process
✓ Optimization for $1-3 leads
✓ Setting up Conversions

Module 5: Facebook & Instagram Ads

Our exact method we're using to generate highly targeted leads on Facebook and Instagram and how to best marketing your listings on both platforms. Not only that, but how to get the algorithms working for you.

Highlights Include:
✓ Intro to Ads Manager
✓ Buyer & Seller Lead Ads
✓ Listing & Open House Ads

Module 6: Pixels & Retargeting

Central to our philosophy and results is remarketing. Without using this advanced techniques, you will not actually generate the lowest cost conversions.

Highlights Include:
✓ The Facebook Pixel
✓ Custom Audiences
✓ Practical Examples

Module 7: YouTube

YouTube is the new TV. Learn how we optimize both organic channels and ads to generate high quality leads. YouTube is the only place where you content lives forever and will become increasingly critical as time goes on.

Highlights Include:
✓ YouTube Channel
✓ YouTube Ads
✓ Exact Video Formulas

Module 8: Conversion & Drips

All the leads in the world mean nothing if you can't manage them. 120 leads/month = 1800/year. Automation is key to conversion.

Highlights Include:
✓ Drip Campaigns Setup 
✓ Text and Email Scripts
✓ Why Speed To Lead is KEY


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What You'll Get:

✅ Lead Generation Mastery 8 Week Program ($2,997)
✅ Lifetime access to RMM Mastermind private group ($997)
✅ Weekly group coaching calls for 8 weeks ($1,197)
✅ Pixel Hacker Pixel Mastery Course ($197)
✅ Plug & Play Success Package 👇 ($1,997) 

✓ Google & Bing Keyword and Ad Script Package
✓ Facebook & Instagram Ad Script Package
✓ 12 Month Conversion Email & Text Drips
✓ Buyer & Seller Customizable PDF Lead Magnets
✓ Landing Page Scripts & Templates

Total Value: $7,882
Standard Price: $2,997

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As Always, 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.               


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"Hey Eric & Yashu, just a shout out to your Lead Generation Mastery Course. This is such such a high level compared to what we've been doing. The Google, Bing, Yahoo PPC management, keyword management, goal conversion targeting, pixel retargeting and Facebook. The platform is super easy to use. I'm 53, almost 54 now and I can do it - I'm confident others can too. I'm just so thankful that you guys have time for me. The hands on weekly coaching is phenomenal. You're patient with me. I'm really happy to be a part of your team and looking to blaze some new trails with you guys in 2020."

Laguna Niguel, CA

"Thank you to Eric and Yashu, you guys have been awesome. The course Lead Generation Mastery has been fantastic. I love the way you guys help understand the why and how to of pay per click as well as Facebook retargeting and making sure it’s performing the best it can. Before I was frustrated with the quality of my leads, now I’m far more confident that they will be someone we will end working with. I really appreciate your help guys"

Seattle, WA

"LIVE for 7 Days Ad Spend $20/day first week $140CDN we got 78 Leads....that's less than $2/lead. At this pace we should have over 330 leads this month for $600. Previously using a Google Ads Managment Company which I was paying $300/month and $700/month Ad Spend got me about 120 Leads per month......JUST went from $12/Lead to under $2/Lead.....WOW!!!! Or To Look at it another way almost 3 Times the leads in one week than I was getting in 1 month for 85% LESS $$$$. Thanks Yashu and Eric you guys have been really awesome to work with."

Vancouver, BC

"Eric has an amazing system that's not taught by others. Very smart advanced methods that's getting me MOTIVATED buyers and not lookie loos. I'm amazed at the simplicity of his training as well as effectiveness of what kind of leads it produces. His methods will be my main focus on advertising in 2020!"

Monrovia, CA

"I had a fair amount of experience in the past with both Google Adwords and Facebook ads but they have really taken me to a new level. I cannot recommend their course highly enough. If you've ever thought about getting serious about doing Google ads, Facebook ads and Youtube and if you're on the fence and thinking about it - pull the trigger. Believe me, you won't regret it."

Lake Geneva, WI

"I’m the owner and managing broker at KW Realty VanCentral. I just wanted to thank Yashu and Eric for their services as it related to lead generation for our agents via Facebook, via Instagram and other social platforms. Their approach has been so so client focused, really helping us and leading us through the process end to end. Thank you!"

Vancouver, BC

"THANK YOU for everything you do Eric! You are a leader in the Real Estate industry as a Social Media & Online Marketing Trainer, Coach, Instructor and have an amazing business. There are many people that offer this service but they key is you make it fun, easy and simply you are a super cool person! Asking you questions is never a problem and your quick response is GREATLY APPRECIATED! All the best to your new company and I know you will have huge success!!!!"

Nayarit, MX

"In just 15 minutes Eric helped me create an amazing ad for my listing that resulted in 300 hits to my website and a handful of leads in just one $20 ad. Before I was spending way more for the same results and my clients were extremely impressed with the exposure and attention it recieved. I’m now scaling his approach to save me time and money prospecting!"

Vancouver, BC

"I actually teach Facebook marketing at my market center and I absolutely learned a ton from Eric. He had a great balance of keeping it basic for beginners and making it engaging for people more familiar with Facebook!!!!"

Redlands, CA

"When I started I thought a lead generation system and website was a mysterious and magical thing that you had to pay someone to set up effectively. Now I know it works and that I can make it work for me. Thanks so much to Yashu and Eric, I really appreciate it."

Coquitlam, BC


Payment Plan



YES! Join Now

One Payment


SAVE $200

YES! Join Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. In fact, we go from A-Z in all advertising platforms and screen share the entire process for you to make it that easy. We also have plug and play materials that will expedite the process for you.

Yes, indeed. we go in to a lot of advanced strategies like retargeting non-converting leads, custom conversions on Facebook's platform and UTM attribution. P.S. don't worry if none of that made sense!

Though many of the strategies we show can be broadly learned, we really only want to super deep dive into generating realtor's buyer and seller leads. All of our case studies are focused on such.

As simple as it seems. Email us within 30 days of purchase, and as long as you gave this a shot, we will refund your money. No hard feelings.


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