About Us

We are two marketers with real estate sales backgrounds on a mission.

That mission is simple - to help other agents and brokerages grow their business and take control of their time.

Eric Preston

Eric began his journey into real estate and digital marketing working for one of the top real estate marketing companies in Canada. There he learned from veterans who've build $500 million companies via digital marketing excellence.

After running over 150 workshops and 100 webinars for Realtors across North America he branched out to be come one himself. Although a great career full of potential, Eric’s ultimate interests lie in the realm of digital marketing. For that reason he now helps companies reach their digital marketing goals through consulting services, workshops, online courses and even agency services for a select few.

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Bob Webster

I had a fair amount of experience in the past with both Google Adwords and Facebook ads but they have really taken me to a new level. I cannot recommend Eric & Yashu's course highly enough. If you've ever thought about getting serious about doing Google ads, Facebook ads and Youtube and if you're on the fence and thinking about it - pull the trigger. Believe me, you won't regret it.

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Alina Ghazarian-Rostami

"Eric has an amazing system that's not taught by others. Very smart advanced methods that's getting me MOTIVATED buyers and not lookie loos. I'm amazed at the simplicity of his training as well as effectiveness of what kind of leads it produces. His methods will be my main focus on advertising in 2020!"

Yashu Sharma

From an early age Yashu entered the world on online business. While in university he created a niche Amazon product, an e-book and then an online course of how to sell e-books online, which he was able to use to pay for his education.

Yashu handles most of the technical side of things at Eighth Maketing and was mentored by some giants in the industry. He's also a great teacher at all things digital marketing because he understands them at such a fundamental level.

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Brian Hardiman

Hey Eric & Yashu, just a shout out to your Lead Generation Mastery Course. This is such such a high level compared to what we've been doing. The Google, Bing, Yahoo PPC management, keyword management, goal conversion targeting, pixel retargeting and Facebook. The platform is super easy to use. I'm 53, almost 54 now and I can do it - I'm confident others can too. I'm just so thankful that you guys have time for me. The hands on weekly coaching is phenomenal. You're patient with me. I'm really happy to be a part of your team and looking to blaze some new trails with you guys in 2020.

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Spencer Bowen

Thank you to Eric and Yashu, you guys have been awesome. The course Lead Generation Mastery has been fantastic. I love the way you guys help understand the why and how to of pay per click as well as Facebook retargeting and making sure it’s performing the best it can. Before I was frustrated with the quality of my leads, now I’m far more confident that they will be someone we will end working with. I really appreciate your help guys

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Steve Birkic

LIVE for 7 Days Ad Spend $20/day first week $140CDN we got 78 Leads....that's less than $2/lead. At this pace we should have over 330 leads this month for $600.

Previously using a Google Ads Managment Company which I was paying $300/month and $700/month Ad Spend got me about 120 Leads per month......JUST went from $12/Lead to under $2/Lead.....WOW!!!!

Or To Look at it another way almost 3 Times the leads in one week than I was getting in 1 month for 85% LESS $$$$. Thanks Yashu and Eric you guys have been really awesome to work with.

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