Eighth Marketing

We help recruit, retain and train realtors.

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Train Agents

Do you need help learning about real estate lead generation? With our flagship program "Real Estate Marketing Mastery" you'll learn exactly that.

Recruit Agents

Own a brokerage? We help some of the biggest offices in the world recruit high-quality producing agents.

Retain Agents

Having a hard time retaining agents to your team or brokerage? We can help. Let's talk. 

Performance Marketing

Our approach is centered around getting you results - plain and simple. We leave the fluffy stuff to our colleagues and take a data centered approach to success.

For this reason, we never hide the data from you - everything is as transparent as it should be. Your success is our success, and we truly believe that's how you build a strong brand.

Our Clients

We work with Keller Williams, Century 21, RE/MAX as well as some independent brokerages and a variety of agents and teams across North America.

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